Harry “Swede” Roos

The first team he played for was the House of David. He was so young he couldn’t grow a beard to look like his teammates. The big 6’7 first baseman was an excellent power hitter for Ryans, American Gear, Magic Chef, and Harry’s Owl Club. He was on Leo Fischer’s Herald American Allstar squads in the 30s. He was an all-around athlete as a semi-pro football player and an early NBA player for the Ft. Wayne Zollners. Eventually he played on the first Lakers basketball team with George Mikan. He coached the first pro basketball team in Portland, Oregon, the Portland Indians. Since 1954, Portland taverns and churches have had organized leagues playing 16″ ball thanks to a keg of beer bet by Harry. 1913-1979, Survived by his wife Lola, 4 sons, and 5 grandchildren.