Grand Theft was an offspring of Fire, a Church Team, which
was organized by The New Nazareth Baptist Church in
1975. The name of the team was changed when several
members after a practice voted on the new name. Grand
Theft was established in 1982. Located on the Southeast
side in Chicago, we played in numerous leagues over
our existence, such as Dunbar Park, Washington Park,
Clarendon Park, Riverdale Park, Pottawatomie Park,
Lindblom Park, Harrison Park, Rosenblum Park, Gareld
Park, Grant Park, Ogden Park, Sherman Park, Tinley
Park, UIC and McGuane Park. We nished rst in most
of these tournaments. Winning numerous championships.
Our winning percentage was well over 90%. We’ve played
in numerous NSA, ASA and USSSA State and National
Qualiers, where we did very well.
Those years were great experiences for our team, lled
with dedication and good times and through it all we
always had each others backs.
We wouldn’t trade those days for anything. Forty plus
years later, we still enjoy the camaraderie,, laughing and
reminiscing about the good old days. We thank God for
the relationships and friendships that were developed,
There is also a book written about the early years of Grand
Theft by “Tony Ferrell’ Called “ Four Year Run” who was
one of our rst Coaches. It’s a must read.
Chicago 16” Grand Theft Softball Alumni
William Hardison (coach) , William Smith (coach) , Tony
Ferrell (coach) Obadiah McGhee (coach), Anthony
Baldwin (Player/coach) , Alonzo Dodson (Player/coach),
Leroy Harris (player/coach) Johnny Frazier, Derrick
Booker, Joseph Parker, Reginald Taylor, Robert Felton,
Jerome Buckley, Michael Ross, Kevin Purdiman. Darrell
Hardison, William Hardison jr., Tyrone Purdiman, Charles
Talbert, Charles Gordan, Maurice Miller, Tyrone Lee,
Larry Vance, Robbie Harris, Lindsey Favors, Washington
Bolden, Marvin DeBerry, Kenny McCormick, William
Green, Michael Childress, Tyrone Sharkey, Dale Johnson,
James Bishop, Devon Woods, Paul King, Jerome Adams,
Robert Geno Hunt, Lee Hedrick, William Nevels, Lorenzo
Andrews, Rick Adams, Derrick Peterson, Truvan Thomas,
Tony Adway, Jerome Martin, Eddie Taylor, Denard Jacox,
Ronald Boyd, Lamar Ali, Rick Harmon, John Stokes,
Michael Cunningham, Nathan Kirkwood, Sylvester Hoey,
Chris Frazier, Wendell Smoot, Marvin Youngblood, Sidney
King, Bryan King, Michael Green, Kelvin Jones, Bobby
Williams, Lacartis West, Chuck Richard, Tyrone Jones,
Gerald Cook, Fred Donoghue, Jerome Crutcher, Charles
Richard, Bobby Parker.
Gone but Never Forgotten
Keith Ferrell, Vail White, Woody Morris, Alvin Ray Gardner,
Frankie McFerren, Glenn Colvin, Tony Cannon, Pat Wynn,
Jamie Moore, Dale Mitchell, Lee Clark, Howard Bowling,
Eddie Miles