George Bliss

“Play softball; it’s the greatest game in America!!” This quote summarizes George Bliss’ love for the game of softball and his many contributions through the Softball Hotline. Bliss’ involvement in softball began with a friend’s prompting to turn George’s two loves – softball and reading newspaper columns into a column dedicated to reporting softball. Bliss had a different idea. Backed by 25 years of computer experience, George created a voice mail system that tracked schedules, players, and results of the major softball happenings. With coaching from Tim Maher, Mike North, and Steve Kashul, Bliss began making appearances on radio and ultimately began television broadcasts of Super 16 inch softball. George lives in Crystal Lake with his wife, Kathleen, and their sons, George Jr, and Jimmy. Catch George “Live” everyday at 630/620-5214 for our sports updates.