Fred Wolf

Fred Wolf began his softball career with the Sabers and Crusaders, before moving to Turner’s Tap. Wolf helped Turner’s win the Illinois State Championship with a victory over the Bobcats in the 1960’s in DesPlaines. He then moved to the Loafers ( later Moore Business Forms ) where he helped win three Clarendon Park Championships and six Championships at Kelly Park. Over the same period, he played with Father Perez and won the Knights of Columbus State Championship four times. A veteran of all infield positions, Wolf was mainly a shortstop who ended his career with a .625 average. In addition to playing at Clarendon and Kelly Parks, Wolf and Moore Business Forms also won two championships in the legendary Daddy-O-Daley League at 77th and Southpark. To round out his championships, Wolf won three titles with Shoes and one with the Whips at Boudreau Park, and he was selected MVP in the Mt. Greenwood Tournament. Fred and his wife Donna have six children and twelve grandchildren. He worked as a glazier for 40 years with M.T.H. Industries and is now retired and living in Orland Park