Frank Szczech

Frank Szczech, one of the top leadoff players of his era, could do what all great hitters could do – he got on base.   He was capable of driving the ball through the holes in the infield or over the heads of the infielders into the outfield gaps. His hitting and excellent speed made him a top singles and doubles hitter.  With his excellent defensive play at shortstop, short center, and second base, Frank Szczech was a complete ballplayer. Frank was recruited by Gene Hrabek to play with the Bobcats in the Daddy-O-Daylie League in the early 60s. His softball career was interrupted from 1964 to 1966 when he served in the Army in Europe.  Once he returned from Europe, he played with a variety of teams at parks throughout the West suburban area.  1970 proved to be a memorable year for Frank Szczech when the Bobcats went undefeated in the ASA Nationals to beat the Dwarfs for the national title.  Frank was selected to the ASA All Tournament Team that year. In 1971 Frank Szczech and Bill Bereckis reformed the former Sobies team into the Sobies / American Rivet.  During his career with Sobies / American Rivet, he was selected to the ASA National All Tournament Team in 1971, 1972, and 1973.  Throughout his career, Frank Szczech was selected to six All Tournament Teams, and played on teams that won one ASA National title, four Andy Frain titles, three Forest Park championships, five Clarendon championships, one Windy City title, and numerous other championships in Chicago and around the suburbs. Frank Szczech lives in Cicero, Illinois.