Forest Park Review

For over twenty – years, the Forest Park Review has published a special pull out section for the No-Gloves National 16 – Inch Softball Tournament. This pullout allows softball fans from the city, suburbs, and surrounding states to get information on the No-Glove Nationals. It also helps fans understand the excitement of 16 – inch softball.

The Forest Park Review provides this section free of charge to any interested softball fan. It gives fans an in-depth look into the players, managers, teams and some of the important people who make the No-Gloves National tournament the best tournament of the softball season.

Besides keeping track of the No-Glove Nationals, the Review does its best to keep its readers up-to-date on the standings of the leagues played in and around Forest Park over the summer and fall months. Through these efforts, the Review has reached thousands of fans who might not know anything about the great game of sixteen-inch softball.

During the softball season, it’s not unusual to see a softball player of fan carrying a copy of the Forest Park Review.