Eugene “Gino” Petramale

Like many Hall of Fame players who came before him, Gino Petramale started his softball career playing in the schoolyards and streets of Chicago. For Gino, these streets were Taylor and Roosevelt on Chicago’s West Side when he was in his early teens, but unlike many players, Gino also played a game that was foreign to most athletes of that era: he played soccer at Marshall High School and later went on to play with the 1954 United States World Cup Soccer Team in Mexico. In 1987 he was inducted into the Illinois Soccer Hall of Fame. His 42 year softball career took off when he was in his 20s and started playing with the Dugouts, a team he stayed with throughout his career. They played at all the major parks in Chicago, but like many great players, he also lent his talents to other teams. He played in the Father Jerry League from 1953 to 1956. While playing with Kool Vent Awnings at Thillens Stadium in 1963, he was noticed by Eddie Zolna who asked him to play for the Bobcats the next year. He started out doing part-time duty with them but eventually switched to full-time, staying with them until they split-up in 1975. He was a member of the Dr. Carlucci’s Bobcats team that won the ASA Nationals in the ‘70s. Gino played second base and center field and batted leadoff for most of his career. While he did hit a few homeruns, he was best known for his ability to get on base. His efforts and talent earned him a place on the Park Ridge Tournament All-Star team in 1963, and he was selected MVP of the Father Jerry League. He retired from Continental Can after 42 years of service. He and his wife, Pat, have one daughter, Maria Targonski, and three grandchildren. He also has one stepson, Jay, and two step granddaughters and one step great grandson.