Ed “Silver Fox” Miller

Little did Ed Miller know when he started playing softball that he would be one of the players responsible for organizing one of 16″ softball’s greatest teams – the Bobcats. He played second base for the Rush Liquor in the Windy City League, with Weinberg Studebakers in the Northtown League and with the Jimmy Rose Team on Chicago’s Southside. His greatest claim to fame, however, came when he became the driving force behind the Bobcats in the 50s and 60s. He played on the first ASA National Team in 1964 when the Cats won the title at Clarendon Park. Ed Miller was a right-handed hitter who could dump in a single or a triple or place on over your head for a homerun. He loved the game and played it with passion and craftiness into his later years to earn the nickname “The Silver Fox.” He is survived by his wife, Patricia, and his sons, Edward and Larry.