Dominick Paparatto

Born in July of 1925, Dominick Paparatto attended Morse Grammar School and Crane Tech High School where he excelled in baseball and track. From 1943 to 1945 Dominick served his country during World War II as an aerial gunner in the 15th Air Force stationed in Italy. He began his softball career in 1943 with the Paragons in playground leagues and at Kells Park. After the war he played with the Wilson Jones Company in the Industrial League at Garfield Park, which they won in 1948. Dominick also played with the Mammana Undertakers in 1947 and 48 in the Kells League. He then played with the Gremlins for two years in the O.L.A. Catholic League and at Kells Park, where he remembers pitching a game against “Moose”  Skowron of the Yankees, who was playing for the 49ers. Skowron hit a ball all the way to Chicago Avenue. Dominick started his umpiring career in 1952 for “Shorty” Cole when Dominick was sent to umpire at LaFollette Park. His first game was a memorable one against “Moose” Camillo. After that game Dominick was ready to call an end to his short umpiring stint. Fortunately for 16” softball Dominick decided to continue umpiring. When Cole retired Dominick became the chief umpire Humboldt Park, Lafollette Park, Eckart Park, Oak Park, and at Kells Field. Two years later Paparatto became the head umpire at Clarendon Park where he umpired many of the classic battles between the American Rivet Sobies, the Bobcats. Moose Camillo, and Jim Roses. Dominick found that Allied Park, which Bull Brandiso ran, was the toughest park to umpire. Dominick has been married to his wife Mae for 51 years. They have two daughters and two grandchildren. He retired from the Wilson Jones Company in 1989 after working there for 46 years. He now resides in Largo, Florida