Dan “Sheik” Carmody


Dan Carmody was born in October of 1955 in the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago’s South Side. He graduated from St. Ignatius High School and played baseball his freshman year at Regis University in Denver, Colorado before transferring to the University of Alabama. There he was given the nickname Sheik and graduated with a degree in Public Relations in 1979.

While in college he started playing
softball, but his career really took off
after graduation playing for the Lot at
the Kennedy and Mount Greenwood
parks. He moved to the North Side in 1981, where he played and still plays in the Lincoln Park Leagues.

He also played with Clockwork at Oak Park, Kosciusko, and Riis parks. They won the Hamlin Park Tournament numerous times. In 1988 he joined the Raiders and manager Ted Sherman, playing at James and Mather Parks and in various tournaments. The Raiders have played in the Mount Prospect Classic League since 1998. They took third place twice (1995 and 1996) and second 1997 in the Grant Park Tournament. The Raiders also placed third in the “A “Nationals in 1997 and 2007.

In 1995 he pitched the Problems to a second place finish in the USSSA ‘A’ Nationals. He pitched
a perfect game for the Problems In ASA qualifier in Joliet. In 1997 he pitched the Franconellos to a third place finish at the A nationals in Brookfield Wisconsin. In 2005 he was the winning pitcher when the Chicagoland All Stars defeated the Iowa All Stars.

“Sheik” Carmody is best known for his ability to get a big drop off the mound, his excellent range and his great defensive skills. His favorite play

was being the pivot man on the double play. His 6”4 height also helped his defensive skills. He batted leadoff for many of his early playing years. Dan currently plays in the Mount Prospect Classic league with Traffic and coach Nick Gatta.

Dan always took pride in being a good teammate and respecting his opponents on and off the diamond.

He and his wife, Heather, and their three children, Katie, Callie, and Danny reside in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. He works as an options trader at the CME Exchange.