Originally named Cutty when they formed in 1982, the team name was changed to Babes after Babes Tavern in Niles, Illinois. The tavern was owned by Gary Pearson, a Chicago police officer who sponsored, managed and played for the 24 years the team played together.
In 1984, Mike Caliendo joined the team as a starting pitcher, took over managing it, and is still pitching today. Several of Chicago’s finest played as well: Steve Bocconcelli and Roger Siska (Chicago PD), Lou Orlando (Norridge PD) and Dan Gallichio (Chicago FD). Multiple championships were won by the team at Portage, Sayre, Riis, Brooks, Norridge, Rosedale, Franklin, Itasca and Chambers Tournaments.When original teammates started to retire, several younger players were added to maintain the high level of play: Pat Mazza, Joey Mueller, Jimmy Gatz, Anthony Raffaelli, Bobby Atwood, Michael Caliendo, Jr., Ronny Meechie, Billy Hogan and Pat Serpe. A few other great players filled in, including Keith Filkins, Dave Gothard, Billy Masucci, Danny Brichetto, and more.
Babes played against the Penguins in a televised game at North Park in Franklin Park with Duane Dow as the announcer, winning 6-5.
Today, several players are still enjoying the game and playing competitive ball, including Gary Pearson and Mike Caliendo.