Casey LaRocco

Like many young men growing up during the Depression, Casey LaRocco faced many hardships. After his parents died when he was fourteen, he joined a Civilian Conservation Corps Camp in Michigan and Wisconsin planting trees and building drainage systems. When a heart murmur kept him out of the service during World War II, he started playing softball with Gorenson Bowling in 1939. This experience carried him into the big time world of softball when he played in the Windy City League with such teams as Triplex, Midland Motors, Senator Adducci’s, and Broadway Motors. His greatest softball memory occurred in 1948 when Broadway Motors beat Midland Motors for the Windy City title at White Sox Park in front of a large crowd. During his thirty-seven year softball career, Casey LaRocco played on teams that won at least twenty-four park, City of Chicago, or Windy City championships. He also played in some of the memorable “pot” games during the Golden Days of 16″ softball. Besides softball, Casey also played semi-pro basketball, travelling to games throughout Chicago and parts of the United States. Many pioneer ballplayers call Casey LaRocco one of the best short centers to have ever played the game. He started his career as a homerun hitter, but became a punch hitter when he played in the Windy City League. He set the table so the big power hitters of that era could drive him in. Casey and his wife, Anne, have two children ,Caz and Bonita LaRocco Grantner, six grandchildren and one great grandchild. They live in Des Plaines, Illinois.