Bob McClelland

Bob McClelland was one of the most feared leadoff hitters in 16″ softball. His fiery temperment, fierce competitiveness, and batting skills allowed him to “set the table” for some of the best hitters of his era. Many of the top teams of his time recognized and sought his skills as he played for Right-ons, J’s, Whips, Sports Station, and the legendary Bobcats. Ron Kubicki, one of Bob�s coaches, placed his talent in perspective when he said, “When you build a team, your most important position is leadoff. There was nobody more feared in his era as a leadoff hitter than Bob McClelland.” Mc Clelland’s talents paid off when he was selected to numerous tournament All – Star teams throughout his career. A slick infielder with superior defensive skills and speed that enabled him to stretch a single into a double, Bob McClelland lives in Cedar Lake, Indiana.