Bob Hockenbrough

Bob Hockenbrough started playing softball when he was boy growing up in Brookfield. Today, at seventy-four and two knee replacements later, he’s still playing softball in Berwyn. He played baseball at Lyons Township and played softball for the Bruins. He then joined the Army where he played baseball and basketball. After his discharge, he played for Rado’s in the Brookfield League, and later played for Al’s Radiator, Al’s Sports Shop, and Shakey’s Pizza. He currently plays for Al’s in a fifty-and-over league in Berwyn. In fact, he has so much experience that some young players asked him to pitch for their team. Besides playing the game that he loves for 60-plus years, Bob also started a 39-and-over and a 50-and-over league in La Grange. He convinced park officials in La Grange to alter their rules on playing by allowing players to move in and out of the game. Players will play a few innings sit and inning and then re-enter the game. This rule change lets older players continue to play the game that they love. Throughout his career, Bob played mostly all positions, but the last few years he switched to pitcher. He and his wife, Karen, live in Brookfield, Illinois. He is a retired machinist for Reynolds Aluminum and can’t wait for the new softball season to start.