Bob “Hober” Hobson

A veteran of over 2,500 games, with a batting average near 700, Bob Hobson hit over 1,200 home runs in his distinguished career. Hobson began big time softball with the Spartans, playing with the likes of Jerry Witrey, Jerry Dowling and Jim Madden. They won 10 championships and twelve tournaments on the Southeast side. Hobson then went on to play on the first integrated team sponsored by Verve Records, in the Daddy O’Daily League. In the 1960’s, Hobson and other teammates formed Butch McGuires under the direction of the colorful Jack “Whitey” Johnson and Frank “Tuna” Winston. They won over twenty five tournaments and eight championships at some of the top parks of the era. Later in the 60’s, they formed the Frogs, and won two championships. Bob also played with the Bobcats, and had two World Series appearances in St. Louis. After that, he played for Aurelio’s Pizza, amassing more twelve championships and eight more tournaments to his record. Hobson attributes his success to the teamwork of his fellow ball players. In 2000, he resided in Oak Forest, Illinois with his wife, Judy. They have three children.