Ben “Nicky” Branman

Ben was one of the best power hitters in the game according to the Chicago American. One of the first of five inducted and one of only three living members of all the members selected by the Chicago American 16″ Hall of Fame, which dissolved when the paper folded. Nicky was a tremendous 1eft power hitting first baseman for the Witt Hanley Yankees. Fewer Boilers, and Kool Vent.. playing on many of the Windy City League and City championship clubs. Known to be a big clutch hitter, his last inning home run won the championship game in 1950 for Kool Vent with style. It would be the last game for the Windy City League. Lifetime batting average of .425. Senn High grad grew up at Chicago and Franklin. His wife enjoyed the softball games so much if he wasn’t playing she would still go watch a game without him. Born 1917. Since Deceased.