Art Lurie

For over forty years, Art Lurie has been involved in 16” softball. Growing up in Albany Park on Chicago’s Northwest side, Lurie got the taste for 16” as a bat boy for his father, Irv, who played in the legendary Windy City League. Art moved on to Roosevelt High School, where he played with the club teams; Aristocrats and Jovens as a shortstop who was not only a defensive specialist, but one who most often lead is team in hitting. He picked up his nickname “Toro” while at Roosevelt. Art went on to play for Manor Drugs at Wells and Horner Parks, the original Shooters at Clarendon and Kelly Parks, and with the Wharfrats, Registers, Rabbits and Over the Hill Gang, which won over the over 40, 1990 City Championship by beating the Bobcats at Blue Island! Art’s next move led him to the Molex team, and resulted in a longtime friendship and collaboration with Al Maag. When Al explained his ideas for a 16” Softball Hall of Fame to Art, his love and passion for the game made him jump at the opportunity to help make the dream a reality. Since that time Lurie has been instrumental in keeping the “behind the scenes” action moving efficiently. From obtaining silent auction items for the Hall of Fame dinner, to selling Hall of Fame promotional items, to providing useful insights at the monthly meetings, Art Lurie is a major contributor to the success of the 16” Softball Hall of Fame. With his strong history of playing experience and his invaluable contributions to the Hall of Fame, Art Lurie is truly a “friend of softball.”