Alex Kuhn

Al Kuhn, who grew up on the North Side of Chicago and attended Senn High School, will be remembered as one of the great pioneer of 16″ softball. He played with North Shore Congregation in 1937 with Stanley Stein, Morris Pomeroy, and Hall of Famer Ben Branman. In later years he played with in the Windy City League with Stony Tires and Martin Jewelers where he worked for many years. He also played at Waveland Park in big money games. He played his last game in 1957 in the Bnai Brith League for Cinema Lodge and died in December of that year. At 5’9″ and built like a fire plug, he had great speed and power and could hit a single or the long ball. He primarily played catcher or first base. He will always be remembered as a player who loved the game so much that he would often take time off from work to play with his children and friends.