Al Cech

Born in 1942, Al Cech starred as an All-Star shortstop for the Bobcats for many years. A right handed batter and thrower, Al Cech was three times named All-American in the ASA Nationals in 1976-1978. He played on seven ASA National Championships with the Bobcats, C & K Bobcats and Whips. Besides softball, Al Cech excelled at basketball at De LaSalle High School where he played for the city title in ‘58 and ‘60. He also made the Allstate team in 1960. He is in the High School ES Hall of Fame. He received a scholarship to University of Detroit (1965-‘68), where he was a teammate of NBA star Dave DeBusshere. After graduating he was drafted by the St. L Hawks. He played semi-pro basketball in Michigan before returning to Chicago to work at the Chicago Park District. He was a member of the 12” professional Storm team in 1980. He was a coach on the ‘87- ASA champs Sportstation and coached the North Stars on 96. His wife Mary Ann and he have 2 children. He is retired and a security guard at Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin.