Mary DiFiglia

What do 234′-1″ and a knee length cast say about Mary DiFiglia? They testify to her athletic skills and her competitiveness. The 234′ – 1″ represents the distance Mary threw softball for a women’s 16″ record that still stands (an honor bestowed on her by Jesse Owens.) The knee length cast refers to the time …

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Mary Kay Schaefer-Monaghan

Mary Kay attributes her success in 16” to having three brothers and a bunch of neighborhood boys who allowed her to play in their “pick up” games. Growing up on the Northwest side, Mary Kay spent most of her time at the park district field house playing sports and shattering the myth that girls could …

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Mary Pat McGuire

Considered by many to be the best defensive shortstop in the game, Pat McGuire could make unbelievable plays look easy, whether it was throwing a runner out from deep in the hole, turning a double play or gunning down a runner with a cut off  throw from the outfield.  A feared hitter, she could hit …

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