Field of Dreams

Grant Park

Grant Park has been the host site for sixteen-inch softball in Chicago since the 1920’s and grew popular in the 1933…when the World’s Fair showcased the game.  The game fosters camaraderie amongst downtown co-workers in leagues from lawyers to media people and the site for tourneys on weekends. Including the largest in the history of …

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Westchester Park District

Mayfair Park in Westchester has been the host site for sixteen-inch softball leagues and tournaments for over fifty years. The early days of the league primarily catered to local and surrounding area teams. Back in those days, all games were played starting at 6:30 pm on three fields. In the early 70s, Westchester lit its …

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Forest Park

“No Gloves. Never Had ’em. Never Will.” This motto of the Forest Park No-Glove Nationals speaks volumes about the traditions surrounding this tournament. In July of 2011, they will sponsor their 43rd No-Gloves Nationals Tournament. It wasn’t always called the No-Glove Nationals, but softball players have always regarded it as one of the top tournaments …

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