Future of the Sport

GetInTheGameThe ASA has been the true beacon of the game since 1933 and continues to do a great job…But three key initiatives have helped the sport lately…more co-eds playing than ever before, especially in Lincoln Park. In 1999 the Chicago Public Schools starting a high school league and many of those players are playing in adult leagues today. Schurz was first winner, and Lane Tech won most of the championships since until Walter Payton HS won in 2012…their photo is featured on our subject header. And recently formed SSA is an association created by slow-pitch softball players with the goal of making slow-pitch softball more player friendly and cost accessible. The challenge in forming the SSA was to seek creative ways to increase participation in Men’s and Women’s 16’ softball, both locally and nationally, in a manner that will focus on the concerns of the teams and players. As a part of this challenge, the SSA has tried to increase the sense of community among all teams and players and to keep the costs to a minimum. The support we have received has been both great and humbling. United, we can do great things for this, the greatest of games ever invented.

The SSA wishes to invite the softball community to help us celebrate the 125th Anniversary of 16” Softball this summer. In honor of the 125th year anniversary, the SSA is setting the entry fee to several of our Class “A” Men’s Tournaments $125.00. And designed a corporate challenge that will benefit the make A Wish Foundation and the HOF for August. We thank all the organizers who get anyone involved in this great sport for all ages…and the RIC Cubs were recently inducted as a team and they play in wheelchairs…so all you need is desire.